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  • Date added: 06/19/2014
    Testimonial by: Ryan of United States

    one hell of a product

    I recently purchased the dp4000 after years of using a vt9000. ... I am amazed at the power and quiet operation of the dp4000 Combine that with the programmable interface ... I read reviews online in various forums before my purchase. I was skeptical but like it says at checkout on the website 2-14 days there not amazon and the the dp4000 was delivered... thesoftware is easy to install and use the instructions must be followed they are ear and easy to understand. ... the dp4000 will not fellatiat as far as I have experienced .. for enlargement its an EXCELENT PRODUCT that can be programmed to do almost anything you want... the one con I have is that at this time the program only allows for 10 steps that are infinetly repeatable. .. It does everything and im asking for a longer progam segment ... ALLL IN ALL 9Star outta 10
  • Date added: 09/01/2021
    Testimonial by: Teddy of Va

    Excellent Machine and Incredible Customer Service!!!

    I have had the unit now for some time and have already grown larger than 2 cylinders!!! Girth gains have been incredible and length gains are slowly coming... recently needed to makes some updates to my pumping program and needed to download the software onto my new computer and I had forgotten how to do it. I called the customer service number and got on the phone with Chris who walked me through the entire process from beginning to end. My machine works incredibly well and it is the only thing I use for P.E. except for anti-turtling sleeve throughout the day to help it heal in a better position. I highly recommend Chris and this product! I wish I would have found it sooner and not wasted so much money on countless garbage.
  • Date added: 04/07/2015
    Testimonial by: Brett of OK

    Great Customer Service

    Chris provided great customer service in helping me get started with my CTC-4000 and I look forward to great strides in using the system. Thanks Very Much.
  • Date added: 03/06/2016
    Testimonial by: DRW of Midwest

    Dp 4000

    I purchased the Dp4000 about six weeks ago and really like the pump. The programable functionality with the pump work great. Chris at CTC was also very helpful. I have noticed a significant improvement in six weeks. Helps greatly improve ED symptoms.
  • Date added: 08/04/2020
    Testimonial by: Alan from Florida of FLORIDA


    Best PE purchase I’ve ever made! I’ve been doing PE for over 7 years but only learned about the CTC DP4000 a few months ago. I am both happy and bummed out. Bummed out because I could have been using this great little pump for the past 7 years instead of going through four Bathmates. The Bathmate is essentially an uncontrolled pump, especially when compared to the DP4000. My Bathmate experience was not good. I had blotchy discoloration of my shaft on most occasions. I also found myself sidelined with blood blisters. Not a pleasant experience. Because I had achieved some nice girth and length gains through my PE manual work and a lot of clamping, I kept wanting to pump to finally get to my goal of six inches of girth along my entire shaft. Bathmate was not the answer. After purchasing my fourth Bathmate a few months ago, I discovered a few posts on PEGym about the CTC DP4000. I began doing more research at Matters of Size and Thunder’s Place. The more I read about the DP4000, the more interested I became. Because I still had some questions, I decided to call CTC and found myself on the phone with Chris. He answered all my questions patiently. It was obvious he knew a great deal about pumping and the DP4000. I was sold and placed an order. I am so happy I did! My DP4000 arrived within a few days and I began getting conditioned to a new way of pumping. I was amazed. Using the DP4000 felt great and was easy and fun. I was using the preloaded program only, but I was able to pump for 15 or 20 minutes with no issues. I had no bruising, no blisters, and no other problems. I was just having fun. People talked about the noise of the DP4000. It does intermittently hum along, but when wrapped in a soft blanket, it’s quiet enough for me to do this without my wife knowing I’m pumping in the next room. That was important for me. I also travel and this little pump will be traveling right along with me. I’ve been pumping with my DP4000 for over six weeks. In the beginning I was limited to the preloaded program. I was so impressed and happy with this pump that I figured out how to get Windows loaded on my Mac so I could come up with my own programs. I’m reasonably bright, but really illiterate when it comes to Windows. Fortunately, I shared that with Chris at CTC. He told me to call him when I had time and he would walk me through setting this up. He helped my understand my way around my new Windows parallel program and taught me how to program the DP4000. I was amazed at his kindness and patience doing that. I kept messing up and we would have to start over again. He never lost his patience with me. He’d kind of laugh and we’d keep on working through it. I am sure he spent well over an hour doing that with me. Now I’m a pro…well almost. The safety of the DP4000 is what I find very compelling. I have worked my way into longer sessions, alway making sure things feel and look good through my cylinder. I got into heavy clamping over the years and have done countless continuous clamps lasting more than an hour at a time. Nevertheless, pumping is different so I have slowly used the past weeks to get myself conditioned to the DP4000. As of this morning, I am doing sessions lasting an hour and a half. Today I was packing my smaller cylinder and switched to my larger cylinder for the last 20 minutes. It’s fun to do this, but what is truly amazing is what I’m taking out of my cylinder at the end of my session. I always finish uniformly thick and heavy with none of the issues I experienced in the past with other pumps such as blisters, discoloration or blotchy areas…and no fluid buildup so far. In summary, I am extremely happy with my DP4000. I have received no perks or compensation from Chris or anyone else. I’m posting this simply because of how happy I am with this purchase. I am sure that within six months, or sooner, I will be posting some significant gains from my consistent and safe use of this outstanding PE device! Thank you CTC and thank you Chris.
  • Date added: 11/18/2013
    Testimonial by: Customer of USA

    Penis enlargement system

    I purchased the DP-4000 Digital Maximizer penis enlargement system with my partner after reading a lot of reviews and purchasing a few hand pumps and other systems. We wish we had found the system sooner as we would have saved a ton of money wasted on all the crap we purchased before buying this unit. Yes it is expensive compared to other systems but it works so well that once you get it in your hands you know it is worth every single penny. If you are looking for a cock pump system this is the ultimate system you can purchase. The device is easy to use, quiet and you basically can get your program loaded into the machine, put the tube on your cock and let it do its work. It takes some consistency but you do see perminate growth. I would say after owning the system for about a year I have seen around 1" in length and 1" in girth. The really cool thing is you see giant amounts of growth after pumping 20-40 min which are temporary but a lot of fun. If I want to get really big I pump for 20 min, take a break and do some jelking then another 20 min. Its amazing pulling a massive piece of meat out after that... I've seen about 2"+ in girth and length. For me its a great feeling to feel so massive and shows me where I can go if I do this routinely. I think consistency is the key. I can't imagine trying to get results from any other pumping system as this one does all the work for you. I use a program that steps up right to the level where you can't take any more then steps down for a moment then back up again. This up/down ramping allows you to increase the amount of pressure and stretch on your penis without any effort. You can put it on and do something else. I bought this with my partner who is also male. Don't let this part scare off all the straight guys... We use a Y extension and pump at the same time. This has been a lot of fun to be honest and something that has been great for our sex life. So for the gay guys out there you can put 2 tubes on this at once and it works exactly the same as one tube. The only thing is you should get valves that shut off when unclipped from the tube. That way your partner can unhook without loosing pressure. When he wants to go back on just pinch your tube while he puts his on and gets up to pressure then let go and you don't loose suction. Its been a great purchase. I would highly recommend this device. Even if you just want to pump up your penis before sex this is a great device. For long term gains this is the only pump solution you should ever consider. I'm a really busy guy and I rarely take the time to write about products. So just writing this review shows I really love this product. Its the best purchase I have ever made.
  • Date added: 01/26/2014
    Testimonial by: Ray Smith of NE.UK.


    This how I installed my Maximizer software into my new Windows 8.1 Lap top. I inserted the cd and opened "this pc" and from the devices and drives I doubled clicked the DVD Drive which then allowed me to find the disc contents. I then clicked the auto start and downloaded the drivers and files. After that I opened the programme in windows XP mode and operated the programme from the desktop icon as administrator and it all now works great. I can now visit my pump buddies with my laptop and pump gear, making them envious of how good the maximize is.
  • Date added: 11/28/2018
    Testimonial by: J of California

    DP-4000 Review.

    This product is simply in two words — absolutely amazing. I must say that I do not think there is anything like this on the market. I must be honest with you and admit that I am among the already naturally larger men, measuring 9 inches in length, and my girth was larger than average. However, I wanted to enlarge my girth and possibly length too, if I could, because why not? I started looking into PE and Jelqing Techniques as a way to achieve larger girth, and I definitely had some great results. I then moved on to the Bathmate Pump, which was great at first, and honestly, I achieved some results. I did see an increase in girth. Like most, I did not initially mind sitting in the bathtub for hours with the thought of achieving the results that I desired, but after a few months, it became extremely annoying. I would have to refill the bathtub with warm water over and over again and be confined to this tub of water hours a day. I simply, like anything, did what I felt I had to do. Then, when the pump could no longer achieve the level of resistance and pressure that I needed and desired, I decided to look for other alternatives. In reading an article on male enlargement on the website, I came across a small sentence towards the bottom of the page that mentioned this product— the DP-4000. Interested, I went to the CTC Company Website, and I read about the product. I will be honest and say that when I saw the price, I thought to myself, “This device is expensive as hell. There is no way I am paying that much for a pump when I already have the Bathmate, and I am already 9 inches. It probably won’t even work anyway.” However, I did decide to purchase some of the cushions, so I decided to call CTC and inquire about the cushions before I purchased them just to make sure that they were exactly what I thought they would be. When I called, I spoke to Chris, and he really tried to understand what I was looking for and how he could help me achieve the results that I wanted. I decided to inquire about the DP-4000 just to make sure that I had made the right decision not to purchase it, but after speaking with Chris, I knew that I had to give it a try if I could avoid sitting in the bathtub for multiple hours a day. When I tell you that this product is a night and day difference from the Bathmate, that is an extreme understatement. Results will vary from person to person, I assume, depending on your body and what your measurements are, but I am confident to claim that if you are diligent and consistent and maintain a positive attitude, you will definitely see and achieve noticeable results! I cannot even put into words how much better this product is than Bathmate. First of all, you are not confined to the bathtub or shower to use it. You can actually remain dry, which seems ridiculous to even say, but personally, it is such a better situation. Secondly, you can really mark your progress by leveling up to different cylinders. Most importantly, the unique ability that you have to personally customize the pressure and level selection for the pump is really astounding! Due to my initial size, I was able to start with one of the larger cylinders, and within the first week, I saw a noticeable, permanent increase in girth. I have only had this product for a few months, and I have noticed amazing, permanent gains in girth. I am already using the second to last size cylinder. This product is simply amazing, and Chris really makes himself available if you have any questions and concerns. When I received the product, Chris actually walked me through the installation process and explained everything, which was extremely helpful. You can call Chris simply for advice, and he will assist you in any way that he can. The quality of service is on par with the product. I wish that I had known about this product before I purchased the Bathmate Pump. It is expensive, but it is worth every cent. I know that money can be tight, but even if you need to save over an extended period of time to purchase it, I would do just that, rather than purchase something that is less expensive with a short shelf life. If I had to put into words how important this product is for me, I would simply provide you a scenario. If there was ever a fire and I was forced to evacuate, taking only 3 things, I would grab my car keys, cell phone and DP-4000! Thank you, Chris!
  • Date added: 05/02/2014
    Testimonial by: Roland of SE

    Very good

    I had the XL-1000 Deep Throat Maximizer before I bought the DP-4000. I bought the DP-4000 22/3-2013 and has reglebundet weekly used pump. The advantage of the DP-4000 is that I can set the values ​​I use. For me working DP-4000 very good in both length and thickness. When I have the opportunity to vary the vacuum pressure and the times I get the maximum length and thickness increase. When I can set the values ​​myself I found once the values ​​ stretcher best and that's comfortable. I have tried to use my old pump but notice right away how much better the DP-4000 is. For me it is a very good product that has worked perfectly all the time.
  • Date added: 03/28/2019
    Testimonial by: RMG of Midwest

    DP-4000 great product

    I have reached over 25 inch balls in only 2.5 hour pump sessions. This product works fantastic. I have had it for at least 5 years. I use a routine and have created over 50 pump programs, so when I pump I use a 4 x 5 x 9 inch 2 stage and in a 30-40 min pump my balls get to 18-19 inches. Then I proceed to a wider tube the Monster-tube senior. After a 45-60 min pump that I created my balls will reach anywhere from 20-22 inches. And then when I want to get real massive balls I will use my massive 2 stages either the 4.5 x 6.5 x 10 or the 5 x 7 x 10 and pump 45 mins my balls will pack the tube and I will reach 23-25+ inch balls. SO after a session my cock is very thick and my balls are hefty. Many times I pre-cum after a session., but if I do or don't I shoot big loads of cum. I have pumped over 25 years and IMO the DP-4000 is absolutely amazing. When I used a electric pump for many years my balls would get to 18 inches and sometimes to 19 inches in 4 hours of pumping. SO I get double the results in less time. Chris is always available to help when needed. I rate this product 5*.
  • Date added: 01/07/2015
    Testimonial by: John of from New England

    DP-4000 Hands down over my XL2000

    Hi Chris, you were so right, the DP-4000 VS my XL2000 is AMAZING! I have used the 2000 with the heavy duty motor and piston for over 5 years and love it its a beast. I was skeptical when I took the DP-4000 out of the box, no steel, no large motor, no piston. I was like oh this thing can’t get any suction going reliably, then I plugged it in the wall and used the stock program and was like HOLY CRAP!!!! I’m 5 sessions into it and love it! Thanks for creating the next level of pump in a easy to hide and use package.
  • Date added: 04/22/2023
    Testimonial by: A Powell of Colorado


    I didn't know how much I would love the DP4000 but since buying i have packed my BullMaster Magnum pump and tell every pumper I know if they want to make progress the DP 4000 is the way to GROW!!
  • Date added: 03/01/2015
    Testimonial by: R

    Digital Maximer 4000

    Hello! I purchased the Digital Max 4000 about a year ago. I have to say amazing little device. I pump regularly 2-4x a week with gr8 results, and in half the time. What I can accomplish 17-20" ball sack in 2 hours used to take me 4 hours of pumping. I have created almost 50 different pump programs. You will not find a cheaper (in price) better device anywhere. Chris was also very helpful in getting me started.
  • Date added: 06/01/2019
    Testimonial by: Ray Smith of Newcastle on Tyne. UK


    I bought a Digital Maximizer 4000 in 2003 (16 years ago) and have used it for a minimum of 20 minutes almost every day since then. Its still going strong and I am using it at this very moment. The only change I have made over those years is to download the new operating software which was more compatible with the later editions of Windows 8 and 10. There is no doubt about it! Even after all this time (and I have tried other pump sets) I still consider the PD4000 maximizer to be the best cock pumping/penis enlarging machine on the market. It as served me well and I am sure it will continue to do so. With regular use over the first 6 months I permanently gained 2" in length and doubled my girth. The daily routines I use now are for pleasure. Ray Smith
  • Date added: 01/27/2014
    Testimonial by: Cesar Ginez of nevada


    I have been using a manual pump for about 3 years now and have always enjoyed pumping. I recently received my DP-4000 maximizer and have to say that it is amazing. I have been wanting to purchase this system for a long time and am very happy that I finally got it. The software is very easy to use. Very fast customer service.
  • Date added: 01/26/2014
    Testimonial by: Ray Smith of Nothern England


    How to Install the maximize 4000 software with Windows 8.1 Answer: Install the Updated software at
  • Date added: 12/11/2013
    Testimonial by: J. Nelson of United States


    DP-4000 = The Rolls Royce Of All Pumping Devices ...Amazed Beyond Belief ! ! !
  • Date added: 12/29/2017
    Testimonial by: chris mancuso of California


  • Date added: 11/08/2017
    Testimonial by: gerard lespinasse of New York

    Life Changer

    I have been in search for an effective way to in large my penis for sometime. I came across the website which thus directed me to I immediately sat up in my seat and couldn't believe what i was seeing and reading. I knew right off the bat this company was the real deal. I first decided on the xl 2000 but after talking to Chris (owner) extensively about the various features on the DP-4000 I then decided to make the move on the DP-4000. A bit on the pricey side but best believe worth every penny. I had already spent hundreds on useless products in the past, why not take a chance on a product that the owner himself backs and puts his reputation on. The device comes out of the box, plug and play ready. You can create your own program as well once you have grown use to the pre program. Put your lube on and let the machine do its things. I have only used the Dp-4000 for about a month consistently and not only me but my girlfriend as well has noticed an immense change in the girth and firmness of my cock. I pump about 30-to 45 every other day. The feeling i get from pumping is like no other. I just kick back, relax and just watch my cock grow and firm up. Consistency is the key to this, like working out regularly in the gym, its no difference here. I highly recommend this device, its the best investment i have made in a long time, Chris the owner is absolutely outstanding and a blessing to men across the land. I cant imagine spending money on any other pump device ever again or penis growth method for that matter. If you want a firmer, thicker and serious orgasm. Then look no further than the Dp-4000.
  • Date added: 11/18/2013
    Testimonial by: Dr. Howard of USA

    DP 4000

    It is good to hear from you, and I feel the DP 4000 is by far the best pumping instrument to ever be invented. In my counseling, if the student has a budget I recommended it eagerly. With the stallion cock cushion being worn while pumping you get a uli affect, in other words as the pump progresses the cock cushion at the base is pushed somewhat forward by the tissue inflating behind it increasing the tunica pressure interiorly while the pump works on the exterior. This is a great discovery, since using your pump I have a gained an inch and a half in girth, going from 5 1/2 inches to 7 inches. And I'm sure I can get larger if I wanted to, so needless to say I'm ecstatic about this device.
  • Date added: 04/19/2019
    Testimonial by: RMG of USA, midwest

    DP-4000 great product

    Digi-4000 is one amazing device. I still love the feeling of pumping my cock n balls. I am a 26 year pumper and have gotten my balls to be very massive as I have reached over 25 inch ball sack. I can do this anywhere between 2-3 hours with the digi-4000 pump. I could only get to 18 inches in 3 hours with a old electric pump. So definitely worth the price. Chris is always there if needed. I have increased my cock n ball size in less time. What I have to find out is there and update to a windows 10 since the windows 7 will be obsolete by Jan 2020.
  • Date added: 12/06/2021
    Testimonial by: V.U

    Impressive Lil box.

    It's a wonderful little box the dp4000. I really enjoy the pre programmed experience out of the box. It works very well. Isn't very loud. And has great suction. However I still can't actually use the program to adjust it and see real time things. The owner was super super helpful in many ways with uninstalling programs and walking me through trouble shooting. But alas. I still think it's worth the money. I just hope I can figure it out on a new machine in the future. 9/10.
  • Date added: 08/18/2020
    Testimonial by: Alan from Florida of Southeast USA

    "Stallion Cock" Cushion - well-named!

    "Stallion Cock" Cushion!!! - well-named! Morning Pump was great! I went through my two smaller cylinders...the first in less than two minutes and then 30 minutes in the 2 1/8 tube and the final 30 minutes in the 2 3/8 tube! I was packing the 2 1/8 about 60% when I went into the large tube. At the end of the 30 minutes, I was packing the bottom 2 inches and just having an enjoyable pump. I came out of the tube uniformly thick and decided to give the Cock Cushion another try. I had to use the "E" cushion, because I just was worried about putting one of the more resistant cushions on for the first time. It was a bit tricky, but I was able to get the Cock Cushion on and moved it down to the base of my shaft. I was really thick and was concerned about constricting my shaft like I kept watch on how things were looking and feeling. The look was amazing. They call these "Stallion Cock Cushions" and after coming out of my 2 3/8 tube and getting this on, I can see why it's call a "Stallion Cock" Cushion. I still have the Cock Cushion on and a very noticeable bulge with a 6.5 inch flaccid girth! I am certainly still maintaining a lot of the engorgement and length from my pump with this on. Right now I have been wearing the Cushion for over 6 hours and all is good. Still hanging thick and long. I'm impressed. I'm watching and making sure temperature is not cool and everything looks good. If it stays good, I may try to wear it until I pump again tonight...but maybe not, that's 4 hours away. Bottom line is I'm loving the progress I'm making with the DP4000. The tubes I got from CTC are great and so is the Long Rider Lube I'm using. Very happy with my new pumping experience. The Stallion Cock Cushion is just well-named and adding a new dimension to maintaining the girth, hopefully from my morning session to my evening session. That would definitely give me a head start on my evening pump! Maybe a way to progress quicker into my larger cylinders!
  • Date added: 02/09/2014
    Testimonial by: lane of az

    2000 and 4000 model

    I have had nothing but the greatest results from theses 2 models they both allow me to continue to grow larger everyday. the 4000 it so easy to program and to use and the results are great. Thanks Chris for helping me grow...
  • Date added: 05/17/2021
    Testimonial by: david koop of MINNEAPOLIS


  • Date added: 12/11/2013
    Testimonial by: J. Nelson of United States


    Dr. J. Nelson / Oklahoma 11-19-2013 To CTC: In regarding the DP-4000 Maximizer, I can only give positive reviews and feelings towards this device. I believe that the CTC Company has maximized and surpassed current and future technology in the creation of this device. Also, I believe that the CTC Company has taken male enhancement enlargement to it's full potential via vacuum therapy in utilizing this digital technology. With the incorporation of using digital technology; is a milestone breakthrough in this technology. I cannot see how this technology could be improved, nor surpassed. This device is the “Rolls Royce”, “Hands Free”...and true “Auto-Pilot” of vacuum technology...a technology where we are now today. If any improvements are made to the DP-4000, it will only make this device even more user friendly than it currently is. I also believe the DP-4000 is far superior to current and classic vacuum pumps; and in utilizing digital technology makes the DP-4000 Maximizer totally novel. The device is very easy and user friendly. It is a well crafted device of solid state technology. I have not found any physical flaws or software glitches associated with this device. It is also small, discreet, portable yet also remarkably powerful and low noise emitting. In conclusion: It is well known and established that vacuum therapy is very safe and effective for treating various problems associated with E.D.; likewise also for generating permanent growth and enhancement. Surgery may be an option, but the risk factors vastly outweighs any potential benefits. This device I believe is the best on the market for both with no risk when used properly. The minimal cost of this device compounded against it's potential benefits certainly is a wise investment. Any adult male young or old will see remarkable results no matter what their purpose for purchasing this device may be. Respectfully: Dr. J. Nelson / Oklahoma * Document valid only if signed above and embossed in this area * NOTE: Original signed paper copy of this testimonial is kept on file at the CTC Company's records dept. Product reviewer's full name / address and telephone number have been ommitted in this electronic testimonial with respects to matters of online privacy.
  • Date added: 01/30/2014
    Testimonial by: Steve of Denver

    River Fiasco

    I am a porn star a physique model and an underwear model. I need a good "package" for adult video work, for when I do nudes as a physique model (calendars, post cards, websites) and underwear modeling. The Digital Maximizer is great! I have gotten larger and I take it with me on photo shoots, porn shoots, and underwear modeling events. I plug it in while I am in the dressing room, and I get big. Using the Digital Maximizer has been very profitable for me. I think all guys in the adult industry, adult modeling, should have one. Best of Luck
  • Date added: 11/12/2018
    Testimonial by: David

    Digi-Pump Is Awesome !

    "I used constant-pressure pumps for years, but once I switched to the variable pressure available through the DP-4000 my gains jumped dramatically. In the same amount of time my gains are more than twice as much with the DP-4000. Loading programs is easy, and loading the right program is important -- so be sure to ask for advice. This pump is a work-horse I have used daily for years without any problems." David From Cali.
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