Cushion set & Stretchers Combo

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  1. Cushion set & Stretchers Combo
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    Date Added: Tuesday 25 August, 2020 by Alan Aker
    "Stallion Cock" Cushion - well-named! "Stallion Cock" Cushion!!! - well-named! Morning Pump was great! I went through my two smaller cylinders...the first in less than two minutes and then 30 minutes in the 2 1/8 tube and the final 30 minutes in the 2 3/8 tube! I was packing the 2 1/8 about 60% when I went into the large tube. At the end of the 30 minutes, I was packing the bottom 2 inches and just having an enjoyable pump. I came out of the tube uniformly thick and decided to give the Cock Cushion another try. I had to use the "E" cushion, because I just was worried about putting one of the more resistant cushions on for the first time. It was a bit tricky, but I was able to get the Cock Cushion on and moved it down to the base of my shaft. I was really thick and was concerned about constricting my shaft like I kept watch on how things were looking and feeling. The look was amazing. They call these "Stallion Cock Cushions" and after coming out of my 2 3/8 tube and getting this on, I can see why it's call a "Stallion Cock" Cushion. I still have the Cock Cushion on and a very noticeable bulge with a 6.5 inch flaccid girth! I am certainly still maintaining a lot of the engorgement and length from my pump with this on. Right now I have been wearing the Cushion for over 6 hours and all is good. Still hanging thick and long. I'm impressed. I'm watching and making sure temperature is not cool and everything looks good. If it stays good, I may try to wear it until I pump again tonight...but maybe not, that's 4 hours away. Bottom line is I'm loving the progress I'm making with the DP4000. The tubes I got from CTC are great and so is the Long Rider Lube I'm using. Very happy with my new pumping experience. The Stallion Cock Cushion is just well-named and adding a new dimension to maintaining the girth, hopefully from my morning session to my evening session. That would definitely give me a head start on my evening pump! Maybe a way to progress quicker into my larger cylinders!..
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    Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)
    Result Pages:  1 
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