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    Date Added: Saturday 07 January, 2012 by James LeGrand
    I have been a pumper for several years, using a traditional pump. After purchasing the Digi-pump, my time pumping has been cut in half, my bulge is huge. It's a great product! The power source recently failed, however, and I am patiently waiting for its replacement. I'm hooked!..
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    Date Added: Tuesday 19 July, 2011 by Daniel Lord
    This pump is great. The software is simple and fully-customizable. If you have a Mac, like I do, all you need is Paralells and Windows installed and it runs it perfect. The suck-release works great and the actual hardware is a very unassuming little box that needn't be stored privately- inconspicuous. Use with CTC's cylinders (which are above the rest) for maximum pleasure/function. Well-worth the money if you're a dedicated pumper and want to take advantage of technology...
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    Date Added: Thursday 05 May, 2011 by Gavin Williamson
    Just set up a group for those that have the Digi-Pump, place for sharing experiences and share presets;
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    Date Added: Friday 05 February, 2010 by Dr. Richard Howard
    As a health professional, I would like to give a preliminary review of the DP 4000. On ordering the DP 4000 I requested a pump sequence protocol. Upon trying the protocol, there are two general patterns I observed: 1) variable pressure and time; 2) a gradual spiraling crescendo of increasing pulsating pressure resulting in a movement of cycles from lesser expansion to greater expansion of the tissues while not over stressing the penis. The relaxation/expansion resulting from this protocol after ample time resulted in expansion without the buildup of unsightly edema (e.g. Donut at foreskin). The relaxation/expansion scenario under pulsating pressure results in a more optimal tissue workout, and more optimal gains (again without fluid buildup). Edema or fluid buildup in the intracellular space is a negative force pushing against the expanding tissues, thus a major detriment to growth, the DP 4000 prevents this. Over time I have used almost all PE equipment a few of which are most noteworthy and the DP 4000 falls into this group. The DP 4000 I believe is a PARADIGM shift in effective pumping resulting in a much more optimal, versatile tissue workout bringing this method of PE to a new level! As I continue to use te DP, further updates will be provided. Best regards, Dr. Richard R. Howard II The alchemy of PE...
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    Date Added: Wednesday 09 April, 2008 by Baw Cock
    Now that I've accumulated more hours in a DT-4000 cylinder, i can honestly say that this is the best pump ever! For me it makes JIT pumping practical for the first time, whether at home, or at a friends, I can pump to just the right size for absolute maximum pleasure and satisfaction.I recently acquired a set of HARDWEAR,, and find that with a single pump I can have hours of pleasure with a huge perfectly formed cock. A quick refresher pump, I like wall-to-wall in a 2" cylinder best, will almost guarantee an oogg-ooga finish. I've been using DTM pumps long enough that I can fill a two inch cylinder very quickly. With some additional time, and on a good day I can fill a 2 1/4 cylinder, though at that point there's noticable distortortion from my natural form. An occasional excursion to this size makes it easier for me to fill the 2" more quickly, besides I just like to see it get that big. The 1.0 software is ok, but I would like to see more features, especially playlists that can be modified on the fly and the ability to select an item in a list at any time. A title bar would be welcome as would support for more platforms like hand-helds and the Mac. This pump is most exciting because it means that CTC will likely be introducing even newer digital models. I'd love to have a self-contained belt system with a fanny pack battery and hip mount pump unit, maybe a cylinder holster on the right side. With a short length of tubing you'd be basically unrestricted and able to perform almost any activity. I like to do stretching exercises and weight lifting while I'm pumping. It's easy to make an extra long length of tubing for the Digi-Max that will give you "roaming" capability and allows you to do ordinary things like answering the door (make sure you know who's calling!). Practical/portable Just-In-Time pumping has really enhanced my sex life and having the DT-4000 available to use in my PE workouts has greatly improved my endurance and given me noticeably better results...
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    Date Added: Tuesday 22 January, 2008 by Baw Cock
    I have had my DP-4000 for almost a month now. I bought it w/o hesitation as this is my 3rd pump in the Deep Throat Maximizer series (all still work perfectly). The Maximizer line is famous in the PE world for its unique Suck/Release cycle. The new Maximizer provides the ultimate expression of the Suck/Release mode of operation by letting the user create custom pump profiles of vacuum level over time. Pump profiles can be saved, traded, enhanced, and even mixed in a playlist (this is a feature that we'll have to wait for) or even download directly to the digi-pump for occasions when you have to pack extra light. Apart from the full authority, precision digital control, the small size of the digi-pump is its next most revolutionary feature. It is very compact. Even better the digi-pump is active only when it ratchets the vacuum up so that it's also very energy efficient. This can be important when operating portably (on a battery): boat/car/camping scenarios. The digi-pump is also extremely quiet, emitting a muffled stepping sound pumping up and when pressure is being backed off a series of precise sounding clicks. This system is all about digital precision control and is almost guaranteed to be a control freak's (like me) delight. The ability to upgrade the software, both at the pump itself and on the PC means that even more tantalizing features can be made available. The DP-4000 is a quantum leap in penis pumping, sizing and conditioning technology. Suck/Release has really worked for me and I'm very pleased with my new DP-4000 digi-pump. My sincere thanks to Chris and CTC Company for making it available to the PE world. Bawcock..
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    Displaying 9 to 14 (of 14 reviews)
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