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  • Date added: 06/19/2014
    Testimonial by: Ryan of United States

    one hell of a product

    I recently purchased the dp4000 after years of using a vt9000. ... I am amazed at the power and quiet operation of the dp4000 Combine that with the programmable interface ... I read reviews online in various forums before my purchase. I was skeptical but like it says at checkout on the website 2-14 days there not amazon and the the dp4000 was delivered... thesoftware is easy to install and use the instructions must be followed they are ear and easy to understand. ... the dp4000 will not fellatiat as far as I have experienced .. for enlargement its an EXCELENT PRODUCT that can be programmed to do almost anything you want... the one con I have is that at this time the program only allows for 10 steps that are infinetly repeatable. .. It does everything and im asking for a longer progam segment ... ALLL IN ALL 9Star outta 10

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