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  • Date added: 12/11/2013
    Testimonial by: J. Nelson of United States


    Dr. J. Nelson / Oklahoma 11-19-2013 To CTC: In regarding the DP-4000 Maximizer, I can only give positive reviews and feelings towards this device. I believe that the CTC Company has maximized and surpassed current and future technology in the creation of this device. Also, I believe that the CTC Company has taken male enhancement enlargement to it's full potential via vacuum therapy in utilizing this digital technology. With the incorporation of using digital technology; is a milestone breakthrough in this technology. I cannot see how this technology could be improved, nor surpassed. This device is the “Rolls Royce”, “Hands Free”...and true “Auto-Pilot” of vacuum technology...a technology where we are now today. If any improvements are made to the DP-4000, it will only make this device even more user friendly than it currently is. I also believe the DP-4000 is far superior to current and classic vacuum pumps; and in utilizing digital technology makes the DP-4000 Maximizer totally novel. The device is very easy and user friendly. It is a well crafted device of solid state technology. I have not found any physical flaws or software glitches associated with this device. It is also small, discreet, portable yet also remarkably powerful and low noise emitting. In conclusion: It is well known and established that vacuum therapy is very safe and effective for treating various problems associated with E.D.; likewise also for generating permanent growth and enhancement. Surgery may be an option, but the risk factors vastly outweighs any potential benefits. This device I believe is the best on the market for both with no risk when used properly. The minimal cost of this device compounded against it's potential benefits certainly is a wise investment. Any adult male young or old will see remarkable results no matter what their purpose for purchasing this device may be. Respectfully: Dr. J. Nelson / Oklahoma * Document valid only if signed above and embossed in this area * NOTE: Original signed paper copy of this testimonial is kept on file at the CTC Company's records dept. Product reviewer's full name / address and telephone number have been ommitted in this electronic testimonial with respects to matters of online privacy.

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