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  • Date added: 11/18/2013
    Testimonial by: Customer of USA

    Penis enlargement system

    I purchased the DP-4000 Digital Maximizer penis enlargement system with my partner after reading a lot of reviews and purchasing a few hand pumps and other systems. We wish we had found the system sooner as we would have saved a ton of money wasted on all the crap we purchased before buying this unit. Yes it is expensive compared to other systems but it works so well that once you get it in your hands you know it is worth every single penny. If you are looking for a cock pump system this is the ultimate system you can purchase. The device is easy to use, quiet and you basically can get your program loaded into the machine, put the tube on your cock and let it do its work. It takes some consistency but you do see perminate growth. I would say after owning the system for about a year I have seen around 1" in length and 1" in girth. The really cool thing is you see giant amounts of growth after pumping 20-40 min which are temporary but a lot of fun. If I want to get really big I pump for 20 min, take a break and do some jelking then another 20 min. Its amazing pulling a massive piece of meat out after that... I've seen about 2"+ in girth and length. For me its a great feeling to feel so massive and shows me where I can go if I do this routinely. I think consistency is the key. I can't imagine trying to get results from any other pumping system as this one does all the work for you. I use a program that steps up right to the level where you can't take any more then steps down for a moment then back up again. This up/down ramping allows you to increase the amount of pressure and stretch on your penis without any effort. You can put it on and do something else. I bought this with my partner who is also male. Don't let this part scare off all the straight guys... We use a Y extension and pump at the same time. This has been a lot of fun to be honest and something that has been great for our sex life. So for the gay guys out there you can put 2 tubes on this at once and it works exactly the same as one tube. The only thing is you should get valves that shut off when unclipped from the tube. That way your partner can unhook without loosing pressure. When he wants to go back on just pinch your tube while he puts his on and gets up to pressure then let go and you don't loose suction. Its been a great purchase. I would highly recommend this device. Even if you just want to pump up your penis before sex this is a great device. For long term gains this is the only pump solution you should ever consider. I'm a really busy guy and I rarely take the time to write about products. So just writing this review shows I really love this product. Its the best purchase I have ever made.

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