The C.T.C. Digi-Pump with its Digital Maximizer interface is our most advanced penis enlargement system. it will put total control in the users hands and is only limited by your imagination.

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XL-1000 Maximizer

CTC's einzigartiger elektrischer "XL-1000 " Penismaximierer ist ein state-of-the-art Wunder, das starkes throbbing 50 liefert und Wurzel-milk pulsiert pro Minute, um maximale Penisentwicklung anzuregen.

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The most important new feature is the addition of 1 1/2" of stroke to the system that will produce a sensation so incredible you will not believe it!

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Stallion Cushions

Stallion Cock Cushion Set These accessories are designed to keep your penis hanging LONG and THICK throughout the day. Each cushion provides a unique exciting enlargement...and that's why most men order the set of cushions (by ordering the entire set of 5, you'll save 20%).

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